IKGLOBAL is a service provider focusing on global high-quality Internet resources and network security. It has branches in Los Angeles, San Jose, Manila, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shenzhen and Chongqing, aiming to help customers to connect with the whole world through global integrated business delivery capability, intelligent high-security platform and localized operation and maintenance services.


Upholding the vision of global resources and local service, and mission and original intention of assisting customer to connect with the whole world, IKGLOBAL has successfully served more than 500 customers around the world:

▲  Global data center covers more than 20 countries and regions around the world, including Los Angeles, San Jose and Washington on the east and west coasts of the United States, Hong Kong, China, Taipei, Singapore, Tokyo, Japan, Seoul, South Korea and Manila in the Asia Pacific region, etc.;

▲  Global high-speed channel connects the whole world with a radius of 20ms in the core cities and nodes of the world, builds the service capability of the whole world facilitating one network, and services the demands of customers’ business on-line, routing optimization and other whole business scenarios;

▲  In terms of network security and defense, it has independently researched and developed a network security platform with its own intellectual property ——SHIELD, which has built multiple cleaning centers in Los Angeles, San Jose, Manila and Hong Kong, with a defense capacity to T+level and above;

▲  In terms of services guarantee, after seven years of development, it has a 150-person network operation and maintenance team, including more than 30 CCIE/HCIE certified network engineers, who are distributed in Beijing, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Manila, Los Angeles, the United States and other countries and regions, providing 7*24*365 global technical support, and realizing 5*8 local operation and maintenance services in some data centers, and having built the capacity for IKGLOBAL global deployment and local services.

At the same time, IKGLOBAL maintains a long-term and close cooperative relationship with more than 70 operators, public cloud and IX service providers, such as NTT, PCCW and KT, and became the global strategic partner of China Telecom International Co., Ltd. in 2016. At present, IKGLOBAL actively carries out industrial chain cooperation, forms complementarities with public cloud service providers, and provides customers with delivery and operation and maintenance services under the cloud-network integration and hybrid architecture.