Headquartered in Hong Kong, Internet Keeper Global (IKGlobal) has established branches in Los Angeles and San Jose in the United States, Beijing, Shenzhen and Chongqing cities in China. With global industry chain layout and all-round business development, IKGlobal has gradually become one of the world's top professional Internet service providers. Our business mainly covers global data center resources, global internet connectivity, global dedicated Internet access, IP renting, network security and cleaning center solutions, cloud computing and data acceleration, blockchain, professional network consulting and network project implementation, etc.


IKGlobal is a global strategic partner of China Telecom Global Limited, and has cooperated with several top Telecom operators to provide users with various high-quality network resources and services. Meanwhile, IKGlobal has deployed many data centers and network exchange centers in the Americas, Asia, Europe and Asia to provide high-quality network services for customers and expand global network coverage for users. In addition, IKGlobal has a team of experts with more than 10 years of operation and maintenance experience, offering 24/7/365 services to support customers’ business.


Focusing on the coordinated and complete development of the industrial chain, IKGlobal not only provides customers with complete solutions and technical support, but also provides corresponding financial financing services for the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, strives to turn the entire industrial chain into an ecosystem, and provides strong support for customers.


IKGlobal will stick to the original aspiration to provide users with the best Internet services, and always take technology, innovation and user experience as our eternal goals.