Based on container technology and virtualization technology, and combining with superior network resources and various tools and applications, we have created a “cloud engine” for our customers.

Wide range of scenarios: With built-in storage, computing, middleware, processes and other services, we carry out integration and optimization for various application scenarios, users only need to focus on their own business.


Scalable: With rich built-in application strategies, users can manually set or dynamically adjust resources according to their application loads.


High reliability: Based on the design of highly available architecture, it hides the concept of basic resources, transforms all resources and functions into services, and provides disaster response measures such as automatic migration and automatic backup.


Continuous Optimization: Providing comprehensive technical services, and continuously optimizing various applications.


  • Website Category

    With built-in applications of website category for all environmental needs, users only need to deal with their own business, truly realizing website construction by just “one click”

  • Mobile APP

    Including infrastructure solutions such as load balancing, business clusters, and database clusters, and optimizing different scenarios

  • Finance

    Based on the design of highly available architecture, it is protected by self-developed anti-DDoS attack products, and provides multiple means such as automatic migration and automatic backup to deal with disasters

  • Games

    In addition to high-performance application solutions, it also has network support based on the global resources of the company, supporting global deployment, and global synchronous services.