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IKGLOBAL currently operates 20 Tier3 data centers around the whole world, maintains close cooperative relationship with global 70+ operators, public cloud and IX service providers, with the total broadband capacity≥ 1.7Tb, and connected to the whole world in a radius of 20ms in the core cities and nodes of the whole world.

◆  Global coverage: 30+ data centers spread all over 4 continents, with multiple cross-border and cross-continental submarine cable, and key links are provided with double submarine cable protection

◆  Authoritative certification: PCI, SPC2, ISO20000, IOS27001, and data center are all Tier3 level

◆  Rich products: provide various products and solutions for multi-configuration, multi-region and different business demands

◆  High availability: provides high-speed interconnect service between data centers, latency low up to 20ms, low packet loss rate, and realizing high quality network support

◆  Stable and reliable: network isolation between different customers, multi-node, multi-device redundancy protection scheme

◆  Security guarantee: powerful security design, multiple closed-circuit television monitoring, door lock sensor and fingerprint identification system

◆  Eco-cooperation: in-depth cooperation and exchanges with top international operators, resources exchange with upstream and downstream partners to meet the diversified demands of customers;

◆  Local services: realize 7*24*365 global local technical support and operation and maintenance services in some areas