Mainstream server configuration, according to customer industry and business characteristics, demands and budget, it can personalize custom-made dedicated scheme to achieve integrated delivery, and operation and maintenance of 0 OPEX

▲  Ordinary server: it can be matched with a variety of hosting and value-added services to provide stable and reliable server hardware

▲  High defense servers: it refers to the dedicated products designed to meet the demands of games, video, finance and e-commerce industries, etc to prevent malicious traffic attacks and ensure the stability of enterprise networks

▲  Enhanced stand-alone server: it provides scenarios and various types of large-scale enterprise applications that are applied to high network packet transceivers (such as games, video clips and live streaming, etc.), medium and large scale database systems, caching, search clusters with high computing power requirements.

▲  Large bandwidth server: the dedicated product designed for customer’s business with a large amount of bandwidth requirements. It mainly suitable for customer’s business types such as video, games, data transmission, software download, music on-line audition, flash online viewing, etc. to ensure the quality of customer business access with a large amount of bandwidth resources.

▲  Station group server: build multi-tenant multi-IP service for multiple websites of the customer, it mostly adopted to increase the weight of the site to search engines

▲  Master server: it can be cut into a number of VPS according to the business needs of the customers to meet the customer’s purposes for construction of stations, debugging procedures, mounting projects and other purposes, and ensure the independence and security of each business.