Global Dedicated Line Solutions


Relying on the global deployment of data center resources, and cooperation with first-class operators at home and abroad, the built POP nodes have covered the major regions of the whole world. Also, it has built a number of transnational and intercontinental physical dedicated line resources. The total line reserve is Tb level, providing POP-POP, IDC-IDC, POP-IDC, POP-cloud, cloud-cloud and other multi- scenariosolutions, providing stable and fast transmission guarantee for customer's transnational business data synchronization.

◆  High-speed interworking: provide across regional intranet internetworking, enjoy low-latency cross-domain access, with low packet loss rate

◆  Stable and reliable: relying on the internal high-quality network infrastructure, redundant lines provide reliable and safe high-speed connection services

◆  Flexible deployment: flexible networking arrangement and flexible management can be carried out according to business requirements

◆  High quality submarine cable: provide multiple transnational and intercontinental submarine cables, and key links are provided with dual submarine cable protection