Cloud Defense


After the customer purchases the cloud defense, the CNAME record of the domain name will be changed to the high defense domain name in the domain name management office, and the dispatching center will uniformly schedules all the public network traffic, the cleaned traffic after cleaning will be sent to the customer source station through seven-layer forwarding system, so as to ensure the stable access of the customer source station.

■  Strong protection ability: multiple high defense nodes effective protection

■  Intelligent scheduling and low latency: the dispatching center intelligently analyzes the public network traffic, automatically selects the nearest and the best defense node to clean the attack traffic cleaning from different sources, greatly reduces the customer access latency, and improves the customer experience

■  Safe and reliable: conceal the real IP and increase the security of the source station

■  Easy to use: provide self-service platform, the customers can open their own business and modify product configuration, and provide 7*24 hours exclusive after-sales service