Specialty Operation and Maintenance


IKGLOBAL provide 150-person network operation and maintenance team, with over 7 years of data center and network construction optimization experience, including more than 30 network engineers certified by CCIE/HCIE

★  Network access services: provide the customers with flexible and customizable operator networks

★  Equipment purchase services: use IKGLOBAL’s mature supply chain to purchase equipment and consumables for customers, and ensure the timely arrival of equipment

★  Computer room on-shelf service: the resident engineers or partners of IKGLOBAL complete the operation of on-shelf to reduce personnel costs

★  Network output solution: meet customer's customized networking needs

★  Step-by-step maintenance services: IKGLOBAL is responsible for providing comprehensive and timely operation and maintenance services for customer hosting equipment to ensure smooth and stable operation of business (hardware changes, system installation, troubleshooting, receiving equipment, equipment on and off the shelf, network equipment commissioning and regular inspection, etc.)