Easy to Cloud


IKGLOBAL keep close cooperation with global first-tier cloud vendors including Aliyun, Tencent Cloud, AWS, Azure, GCP, and IBM() to help client easily connect to the public cloud through global IDC to meet different cloud needs

★  Elastic computing: integrate resources through virtualization technology to provide customers with on-demand computing resource services to help customers build applications more quickly and flexibly;

★  Cloud storage: provide mega space storage services with characteristics of high performance, high reliability, security and low cost, covering a variety of business scenarios, to meet most of the storage needs;

★  Cloud network: based on advanced SDN technology, enable customers to build independent network space and improve network security through virtual firewall and security group function.

★  Cloud security: SOC network security experts provide customers with security services against DDoS attacks, with real-time monitoring, alarming, disposal, optimization and other capabilities.